Sunday, April 8, 2007

Day Five Vacation - Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today was a free day, meaning we scheduled nothing other than relaxing and enjoying the sunshine! Erin and I spend a couple hours at the pool in the morning and then went back after lunch. We didn't stay out in the sun real long because it was really, really hot! You'd lay there for five minutes then get in the pool. When you'd get out, you'd dry off in a matter of minutes, only to get hot again very quickly and need to get back in the pool.

Gary spent the day negotiating on a different motorhome. We decided this Class C just isn't big enough for us. A Class A Sea Breeze motorhome is what he was looking at, but he couldn't agree on a price with the salesman, so we just kept what we had. He's pretty confident that we'll sell it when we return home and get a bigger one. We decided that we really need a separate bedroom and that we would tow a trailer with the motorcycle and/or car in it.

The weather was wonderful, if not a little on the hot side for a short while! But who's complaining? Certainly not me! I think it got into the low 90's, but sunny once again!

Until next time...