Thursday, February 15, 2007

Arizona, Here We Come!

I'm so excited! My hubby just purchased a used motorhome in Tuscon, Arizona and we're going to go pick it up the first week in April. I've never been to Arizona and I'm really psyched to go to the Grand Canyon! What a fabulous photo op for me. I can hardly contain myself! I wish my daughter was a little more excited about it. She gets kind of funky about traveling. I would have killed to go on a vacation when I was a kid, but I suppose maybe at 14, going with my mom and dad wouldn't have had the biggest appeal to me either. Oh, well, someday she'll thank us! Oh, my gosh, I sound just like my parents!

Well, until next time...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Virtual Crop

I'm still not quite sure what I ought to put into my blog.

Since taking part in the Wisconsin Scrappers online virtual crop last week, I haven't touched any of my scrapping stuff. I've been really busy trying to catch up with my job duties, running errands and such. The vitual crop is really fun. It's like getting together with other scrapping friends to crop, but you're not really physically together! It goes on for a week. You do your pages or cards and then post them on the message board for points. The hostess comes up with a list of challenges for us, too. It's really fun and I can't wait until March for the next one. I got a lot done!

I signed up for a Circle Journal, too. I'm not sure what I'm doing my CJ about, yet, but I do have a few ideas. Maybe a flower CJ showcasing my flower photography or a CJ about Me, from A to Z or a wedding one of my nephew's wedding. I'm having a real difficult time choosing but I have to make up my mind by Friday.

Well, I guess I will sign off for now. Until next time....

Friday, February 2, 2007

Not A Clue

I really haven't a clue what I'm doing with blog thing, but I'm willing to learn! I guess I need to go visit a bunch of blogs and find out what all the hoopla is about and what everyone is doing with theirs. My friends at talk all the time about blogs, so I figured I ought to check it out so.... here I am! Until next time!