Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day Eight Vacation - Friday, April 6, 2007

We woke up this morning not really knowing if we were going to start heading home today or not. Erin and I wanted to do some shopping first in Williams. I wanted to find some turquoise jewelry made by the local Indians, so she and I walked into town to do just that. There weren't a whole lot of stores in Williams. Mostly hotels, really. But we did find one really nice jewelry store. All the jewelry in it was handcrafted by local artists, so it was exactly what I was looking for. I purchased a matching neclace and ring and also another ring. Erin found a ring that she liked, too. At another store, I purchased a Navajo wedding vase handcrafted by a local artist. We had a good time shopping and found some real treasures that we can cherish and remember our trip by.

When we returned to our site, we all decided to start heading home. After some lunch, we left about 2:30 p.m. We drove and drove and drove. We drove across Arizona and New Mexico. New Mexico is beautiful! I couldn't believe how big Albuquerque, New Mexico is! We drove through Albuquerque at night and all the lights were magnificent! We drove all the way to the border of New Mexico and Colorado. When we drove through the Raton Pass, which is at the New Mexico/Colorado border, it was pretty scary. It was night time, the elevation was just climbing and climbing and then to top it off (no pun intended) when we reached the top it was snowing along with freezing rain. When we got over the pass there were signs warning trucks of the grade going downhill fast. I was pretty much white-knuckling the seat all the way. Gary finally agreed to stop for the night in a WalMart parking lot.

So, until next time...