Sunday, October 3, 2010

UW Stevens Point Visit

Our visit to UW Stevens Point yesterday went well! Thank goodness we found the university with no problem, because stupid me left all the directions and itinerary on the kitchen table! We learned a lot of valuable information on financial aid and degrees they offer. We got to tour the campus, meet with one of the art department professors, tour the art department, see a dorm room, speak with current UWSP students and eat in the cafeteria. Erin isn't offering a whole lot of feedback, yet, but this is, after all, her visit to a campus. We're off to see UW Stout and UW Eau Claire in two weeks and Carthage College in three weeks. I think she's on overload to be honest, but that's how she deals with stuff. Gotta give her her space!

Well, until next time...