Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Virtual Crop At WiScrappers

Wisconsin Scrappers is having a virtual crop from Sunday, July 19 through Sunday, August 16! Yeah! It's been what seems like a really long time since the last one. I'm excited especially because at this point I still don't have a job lined up so I still have some time to craft. I have a couple job prospects, but won't know for a week or two, yet.

I found out yesterday that my golden retriever, Cedar, has anaplasmosis (a tick-born form of lyme's disease). We started treating her for arthritis a couple months ago as she had started to become stiff in her hind legs. She is 8 years old. Well, when I took her in for her routine heartworm test, I expressed my concern that she just wasn't showing much improvement on the arthritis meds. The vet did some tests and discovered anaplasmosis! Apparently it can be treated with antibiotics, so hopefully we will see some marked improvement in her stiffness within a day or two. Who knows, maybe she won't have to have the arthritis meds for now anyway. Or if she does, maybe they'll work better for her.

Here's my baby Cedar!

Until next time...